If you have ever listened to a song or piece of music and felt happy or even sad, then you will know the power of music to make a difference.


The Lowde Music Trust was established in 2011 to help advance the education and wellbeing of young people, through the power and influence of music.


Since its formation the charity (registered number 1166852) has helped 1000s of children and the slogan "Music for Good" has become the driving philosophy for the charity.


Put simply, we use the revenue generated by providing great musical entertainment and experiences to do good in society. 


The money raised is used for awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances, grants and support services that are outside the provision of the normal statutory authroities. In this way we have been able to directly help relieve sickness and aid wellbeing, alongside supporting the next generation of the UK's creative talent.

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The Lowde Music Trust is a registered charity with the number 116852